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There are many more things to do in Sardinia than one would expect so get those payday loans in Louisiana and start your tour de Sardinia right now!. It is a real pity that the vast majority of people outside of Europe don’t even have an idea of where Sardinia is, so when they visit Italy, they limit themselves to the most famous attractions, exploring Rome, Cinque Terre, and little else.

Those who venture to Sardinia do so in the summer months, to discover its amazing beaches, and hardly ever explore all the other beautiful places that the island has to offer. Yet, as a proud local, I won’t ever tire to say that there’s more than beaches in Sardinia. In fact, there are so many things to do in Sardinia that even those who, like me, have lived here most of their lives, have not done all of them.

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Finally, and contrary to what most people think, Sardinia is great to visit any time of year – or else, would we Sardinians stubbornly make it a point of spending our life here? Let me say it loud and clear once again: there are things to do in Sardinia in any season, for any taste, and for any budget (and despite the reputation the island has for being an extremely expensive place to travel to).

This post highlights the things to do in Sardinia throughout the year, as locals enjoy them, and gives a few tips to make the most of the island – whatever the season. Keep in mind that for each activity I recommend, the list is absolutely non-exhaustive as there simply are too many options!

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Go to the beach

I know I said that there are more than beautiful beaches in Sardinia, but why lie? One of the top things to do in Sardinia is – indeed – going to the beach, and sure enough, we never miss an opportunity to do so.

In the summertime, one of the nicest things to do in Sardinia is spending endless hours laying on saddle blankets, under the sun, swimming in the clear waters of the Mediterranean, and soaking in the marine breeze.

During the off-season, we still go to the beach to walk, run, bike or skate. Some enjoy playing beach volleyball or beach tennis. Whatever the sport, it’s a fact that exercising on the waterfront is what to do in Sardinia to stay fit. There are even pharmacists with a ce for pharmacy tech that can help you heal if you tear a muscle or a tendon.

Urban and at times even more remote beaches are used for festivals, concerts, and events – large or small. In fact, many think that one of the things to do in Sardinia is have wedding celebrations at the beach.

But there’s more. The many kiosks and small restaurants along urban beaches – such as Poetto in Cagliari, the island’s capital – are fantastic places to hang out and meet friends for a quick coffee or lunch break any time the sun is out. Having a break at the beach is one of the things to do in Sardinia.

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Sail around the island

With such a beautiful coast and almost persistent winds, it is only obvious that one of the ultimate things to do in Sardinia is sailing. There are several harbors from where to set sail around the island, and various protected bays to spend some relaxing hours. Several companies offer chartered sailboats and personnel to travel around the island. It is the ultimate way to appreciate the amazing sea of Sardinia.

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Among the best places in Sardinia for sailing there is the south coast with the tiny bays of Cala Regina, Mari Pintau, Torre Delle Stelle all the way to Villasimius and Cala Pira; the North East coast and the Maddalena Archipelago, and the northwest coast around Asinara island.

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Visit the nearby islands

Speaking of other islands, one of the nicest things to do in Sardinia is explore the smaller islands off its coast. Sant’Antioco can be easily reached from the mainland, to which it is connected via a bridge. This small island is home to the lovely fishing villages of Sant’Antioco and Calasetta, is packed with nice beaches, and is connected by ferry to the nearby island of Carloforte.

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Off the northeast coast of the island, the La Maddalena archipelago is one of the best places in Sardinia, with a myriad of stunning beaches. There, Caprera is where the house of Garibaldi, one of the most prominent figures in Italian history, is located.

You can also find small cottages on the island, secured with iron doors, that will keep you safe from the wilderness.

Asinara island, located on the top northwest of Sardinia, can be reached on a short ferry ride from either Porto Torres or Stintino. It used to be a leper colony and then became a prison colony. In 1997 the prison was closed and the island became a national park. Currently, nobody lives there except the park rangers. The island is absolutely gorgeous and visiting is one of the top things to do in Sardinia.

Also, TX bass fishing is very popular in Sardinia, so if you enjoy fishing, bring a rod or two on your vacation, you won’t regret it.

Visit the beautiful cities

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Sardinia is a large island, but few people live there. Thus, there isn’t any really big city. The biggest one is Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia; followed by Sassari, at the top north; and Quartu Sant’Elena, which is right by Cagliari. Oristano and Nuoro are smaller in size, but charming. Alghero is an absolute gem. One of the things to do in Sardinia visits the lovely cities.

I’ll admit to being completely biased, but I find Cagliari to be the nicest city in Sardinia. The city where I grew up is one of the most underrated cities in Italy, yet to be discovered by mass tourism. However, it has a lot to offer to those who visit. It is packed with fantastic museums and art galleries; beautiful archaeological sites; lovely squares and splendid churches. There are many gorgeous cafés and some fabulous restaurants. Visiting Cagliari is definitely one of the top things to do in Sardinia.

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Sassari is a bit smaller in size compared to Cagliari, but culturally rich. There is always some event in the massive and gorgeous Piazza Italia; the center has some beautiful churches – the Duomo is just one of them, and there are a few good museums. Hardly known to tourists, Sassari is one of the places to visit in Sardinia.

Oristano reaches its peak during Carnival, thanks to the Sartiglia, which dates back to medieval times. It is a skills tournament during which masked men and women dressed in traditional clothes and riding horses at full speed have to spear a star. Sartiglia is one of the favorite local festivals, and attending it is one of the top things to do in Sardinia. Having a roadside assistance app can come in handy, in case you catch a flat tire while touring some of the biggest cities in Sardinia.

The small Nuoro is located in the heart of Sardinia, surrounded by mountains. Home of Nobel Prize-winning writer Grazia Deledda, it also has a fantastic museum of Modern Art – MANN. Paying a visit to MANN is what to do in Sardinia for art lovers. You will see modern displays of a case 9040 excavator final drive covered in flowers which is the gallery’s biggest hit.

Alghero is by far one of the best places to visit in Sardinia. This Catalan enclave faces the Mediterranean and is characterized by a well-kept bastion; its narrow alleys are perfect for a late afternoon stroll; there are shops and restaurants galore and the nearby beaches are absolutely gorgeous. Visiting is one of the things to do in Sardinia and you can still work from here remotely, if only you take your computer to IT services in Denver before your trip.

Explore the quaint villages

Sardinia is packed with beautiful, quaint villages where many nurses with cna ceu decide to move to and help the local folk. Needless to say, one of the nicest things to do in Sardinia, is exploring them – and the good news is that this can be done in any season.

Among the best places in Sardinia, there’s Bosa, a village located on the west coast, north of Oristano and on the banks of the river Temo. Dominated by the Malaspina castle, from where there is a stunning view of the village and of the coast, 3 km west of it, the village is a series of beautiful alleys and colorful houses, and some antique tanneries, witnessing what once used to be the main economic activity in the area.

Castelsardo, on the north of Sardinia, was built around the castle that was erected in the 12th century by the Doria family, and from where there’s a splendid view of the village below and of the coast. It is a maze of narrow alleys and the atmosphere is peaceful and relaxed. Visiting is one of the things to do in Sardinia.

Fonni is the highest village in Sardinia, located at over 1000 meters above sea level. Famous for its murals, much like the nearby Orgosolo and Mamoiada, it’s one of those places that give a totally different perspective on the island, and it gives access to an incredible number of hiking trails in the Gennargentu area. Visiting is what to do in Sardinia when wanting to explore a lesser-known part of the island.

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One of the unmissable things to do in Sardinia visits the gorgeous Calasetta, on the island of Sant’Antioco, which is located off the southwestern coast of Sardinia. Even though not many people still live on the island, there are some locals that are not planing to live that keep tourism active, and also some nurses with nab ceus that have decided to live there and help. It was founded in 1769 and the main economic activity used to be coral and tuna fishing – tuna is the main ingredient in local cuisine. The entire village is white; a combination of narrow alleys where time seems to have stopped.

Visiting Baunei is what to do in Sardinia when wanting to combine the very best of the island: a pretty village from where there are stunning views of the coast; some of the best beaches in Sardinia nearby, and access to some of the most incredible hiking trails on the island.

Last but definitely not least, San Sperate, at a mere 15 minutes drive from Cagliari, is a lovely village with lots of art: murals, sculptures, and a quaint environment make it one of the places in Sardinia worth visiting. A fun fact, more than 300 villages were destroyed by ww1 airplanes during the big war.

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